About FreeTube TV

Welcome to FreeTube TV, an internet tv platform that helps you watch tv online from the comfort of your browser.

You don’t need any special cable subscriptions, satellite hardware, government tv licence, or any software.

Since 2006, FreeTube has helped countless cord-cutters legally discover and connect with content producers from across the world, streaming live and pre-recorded TV channels.

FreeTube has been featured in: FreeTube has been featured on Wired, Mashable, Digg, CNet, Slashdog and more.

Our mission is to help connect content creators with households across the world, ensuring that the global community has access to high-quality, live streaming entertainment and educational content.

How FreeTube TV Works

The FreeTube platform is built from user-generated and publisher-submitted content, ensuring a legal and free way to consume and interact with live online TV channels.

  • FreeTube does not host or broadcast content – but indexes publisher-provided live streams and user-generated content to offer endless live streaming options to a larger audience.
  • The platform abides by copyright laws. As a user-generated aggregation platform, we index streams publicly available online, including live streams and user-submitted content from video-sharing sites.
  • Use of this platform is free and not to be resold or redistributed in any manner (whether free or for-profit) without explicit permission from FreeTube.
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