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ABC News Live

ABC News Live is a major US news channel that broadcasts breaking news and in-depth reports on international stories. Watch ABC News Live.

ABC News was founded in 1943, originally as a subsidiary of NBC News, and offers live broadcast coverage of news programming through the radio. However, the popularity of television resulted in ABC spinning off as a separate TV channel and later spinning off a separate 24/7 news channel now called ABC News Live.

ABC News Live is a streaming cable news channel for around-the-clock news coverage, breaking events, documentaries on crime, and other assorted programming related to events happening worldwide and in the regional United States. ABC News Live strives to be a provider of daily news programming that highlights top stories from around the world for busy viewers on the go.

Watch ABC News Live Online

Program Description
ABC News Live Programme Weekday newscasts aired throughout the day as regional and global breaking headlines unfold. Includes coverage of both domestic, global and hyper-local events happening around the world, with a specific focus on the United States and geopolitical policies.
Good Morning America Morning talk show covering a mix of news and interviews with celebrities and influential figures centered around providing updates as people have their breakfast and get ready for the day ahead.
Tech This Out! A feature of the latest innovations in technology, new devices launching, and other cool and helpful tips
What’s the Buzz All the latest happenings around films and celebrity gossip in this weekly show covers tabloid headlines and speculation.
Money Matters Money Matters is a show on ABC News that explores personal finance topics with experts. The financial show covers economic news and stock market updates on the NYSE stock exchange. 

Watch ABC News Live Events on Your Phone

When you watch ABC News Live on FreeTube, you’ll see the latest breaking news stories as they happen. You can also watch live coverage of major events, like US Presidential elections and debates and State of the Union addresses. The ABC News editorial team works hard to provide balanced reporting on the day’s biggest stories with the latest news and information as it happens.

You can watch ABC News on your TV, computer, phone, or tablet. You can even watch us on your smartwatch. Plus, you can stream ABC News Live on your TV with Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire Stick, and Android TV.

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