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CBC News is a Canadian news channel based in Toronto, Canada featuring regional news coverage, international news coverage, and breaking news. Watch CBC News live online.

Originally launched in 1941, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation is a state-funded television and radio channel and is the largest broadcaster in Canada providing English and French language programming.

The CBC News Network hosts scheduled newscasts and was Canada’s first all-news channel launched in 2014 to provide news coverage of regional stories to Canadians. CBC News Live hosts a variety of content from interviews with politicians to panelists discussing emerging topics and breaking news coverage of crimes, weather, and policy changes happening across North America.

CBC News also hosts specialized programming created specifically for the channel, including The National, a regularly aired show that covers stories on country-wide issues, pop culture stories, and health, wellness, and lifestyle programming.

The CBC News station has numerous news bureaus across the world and within Canada. In Canada, it has news desks in each province and territory including the Yukon, British Columbia, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, PEI and Quebec. While internationally, the CBC News Network serves coverage of the United Kingdom, Israel, China, USA, and Russia.

Watch CBC News Live Online

Program Description
The National A daily scheduled program highlighting key Canadian and international news stories aired periodically throughout the day.
CBC Morning Live A highlight of the morning’s top stories and emerging stories across the world and Canada.
CBC News Live Live coverage of stories happening during the day with a Canadian perspective.
Canada Tonight Canadian newscast on local topics and stories happening nationally and provincially across the country.
Power & Politics A discussion and panel debate on Canadian politics, international foreign policy, and thematic conversations.
Rosemary Barton Live A morning Canadian Sunday talk show streamed live featuring host Rosemary Barton, who discusses news stories from the week and political themes from around the world.
Marketplace A weekly investigative journalism show that focuses on consumer advocacy researching and identifying fraud, product testing, health and safety issues, and uncovering illegal business practices or scams.
The Fifth Estate An award-winning Canadian journalism program focused on going beyond news reports to investigate the truth and reality behind key stories in the news and telling the detailed story behind topics of interest in history and pop culture.
CBC Docs POV Documentary films on a variety of topics centered around human perspectives, rather than issues or topics. The focus is on a human narrative.
At Issue Leaders debate show featuring politicians and Canadian party leaders.
The Nature of Things A nature documentary featuring scientist David Suzuki, exploring the natural world and the effect humans have had on it for better or, very often, worse.


Channel Data
Country: Canada
Language: English

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