CGTN (China Global Television Network) is a Chinese-state-run news station based in Beijing, China that broadcasts English language news coverage with a Chinese perspective. Watch CGTN live online.

Formerly called CCTV-9 and CCTV News, the International English-language channel was founded in 2000 and re-launched in 2010. Based in Beijing, China, the Chinese Global Television Network (CCTV-9 or CCTV News) is focused on daily programming centered around news with a Chinese perspective. It has four broadcast stations located in Beijing (China), Washington (America), Nairobi (Africa), and London (England). Additionally, it has 70 bureaus around the world.

CGTV includes foreign news presenters but remains a Chinese state-run and funded cable television broadcaster.

Watch CGTN live online shows

Program Description
The World Today Rolling news show exclusive to CGTN that features regular updates from news desks in Washington, London, and Beijing on emerging stories and breaking news.
China 24 News The primetime news show highlights the biggest and most important stories of the day affecting China’s population and the politics, economy, and societal changes happening.
Asia and Africa Today Breaking coverage of developments that happened in greater Africa and Asia on topics of socioeconomics and cultural trends.
World Insight with Tian Wei Specialty programming featuring high-profile exclusive interviews with seasoned host Tian Wei, who discusses popular and controversial topics.
New Money A behind-the-scenes look at new technology from China and new businesses that are disrupting the landscape and reshaping the world for the better. Explores innovation, technology, and the new economic climate developed by Chinese entrepreneurs.
Traveologues Tourism show that travels across China and the world to explore unique locations and discuss key attractions, historic tales and explore the cultures of the world through song, dance, food, and travel.


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