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CNA (Channel NewsAsia) is a live multinational news channel based in Singapore broadcasting English coverage of major stories across Asia. Watch CNA news live online.

Launched in 1999, CNA focuses on delivering news stories with an Asian perspective and alternate to Western-based international media. Although aimed for an English-speaking audience, some of the content on CNA’s live stream is in Malay, Tamil or Chinese, but includes English subtitles.

Based in Queenstown, Singapore, CNA broadcasts news and Asian-centric content across the world and online. Previously, the channel has operated news bureau agencies in Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan. Along with minor agencies in India, the USA, and the United Kingdom.

CNA News includes domestic programming, featuring 24-hour talk shows, news coverage, and lifestyle programs. The CNA network also broadcasts international licensed sporting content. While international programming houses reports on South-East Asia, Micronesia and featured programming on Asia’s impact on the world.

Watch CNA News Live shows

Program Description
CNA Correspondent Highlights of regional news stories and the cities they originate from.
Get Real! An award-winning documentary program that features real stories.
In Conversation One-on-one interviews with influential world figures, including CEOs, world leaders, and notable scholars.
Japan Hour An hourly travel and lifestyle show focusing on Japanese culture, travel, and cuisine.
Money Mind Focused programming on Asian financial markets, business news and trends.
CNA Insider Documentaries CNA documentaries on issues and matters of interest and relevance toΒ  the Asian continent.
Singapore Tonight CNA’s daily summary on the day’s top stories from Singapore.


Channel Data
Country: Singapore
Language: English

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