DW News

DW News is a 24/7 English-language news channel based in Germany that broadcasts coverage of news programming. Watch DW News online live.

Launched online in 2015, DW News (Deutsche Welle) is a German state-owned television station that is broadcast and syndicated across the world.

Watch DW News shows

Program Description
DW World News Live coverage of news events happening currently in Europe and Internationally.
Euromaxx Lifestyle Reviews of movies, arts, cultural events and pop culture.
Arts 21 Exploration on fine arts and the impact of key topics on the world of art.
DocFilm In-depth documentaries on a range of human interest stories and topics.
Sports Life Coverage of the latest sports matches, scores and tournament updates.
Focus on Europe A spotlight on issues concerning Europe and Germany in particular.
In Good Shape DW News live show on health and better well-being tips


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