EuroNews is a live European news station that broadcasts global news coverage with a European focus. Watch Euronews live.

EuroNews is based in Lyon, France, and was launched in January 1993 as a joint venture of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the French television network TF1. The inaugural broadcast started in France, but Euronews has since set up an additional news studio in London, England. The station was also founded in partnership with ten European stations, including Italy’s RAI, Cyprus’ CyBC, Portugal’s RTP, Belgium’s RTBF, Spain’s RTVE, Monaco’s TMC, and Finland’s YLE.

EuroNews broadcasts in English and features a wide range of international news programming. Programming includes live breaking news, reports from the European Parliament, interviews with world leaders, and live studio discussion shows.

Watch EuroNews Live Stream

Program Description
Euronews Now Euronews Now is a show that gives you a window into the world of the newsmakers and breaking coverage of European and world issues happening in real time. The majority of programming is related to live news coverage for those that want to watch Euronews live streaming.
Euronews Debates Euronews Debates is a talk show program on Euronews that debates a topic of interest to viewers in an objective and open manner with a team of rotating panelists.
Europe Decoded Euronews Europe Decoded is a series that looks at how Europe is adapting to the challenges of the modern world. The show discusses politics and government policies.
No Comment A show that features news footage from around the world without commentary in an attempt to display current news events without bias and allow the viewer to make their own interpretation of international world affairs.
Euronews Tonight A nightly news show that recaps the day’s events into a high-level summary for viewers. The show synthesizes the day’s top stories into a bite-sized show that provides high-level details on European and global affairs.


Watch EuroNews Live Streaming Free

Euronews Live is a TV channel dedicated to European news programming. The channel’s content is diversified and mainly in English, but it is also available in Spanish and Portuguese. EuroNews live has many programs covering political, economic, social, and cultural issues.

Those that watch Euronews live usually find it a great source of information for ex-pats living outside of Europe and people who are traveling there. It also broadcasts sports events, documentaries, and other shows covering culture, business, entertainment, and politics. EuroNews Live is available in more than 400 million homes across Europe and North Africa, as well as Australia, Canada, and the United States.

The channel can be watched on all major TV platforms, including cable and satellite. EuroNews is a great source of information for ex-pats living in Europe and people who are traveling there. It also broadcasts sports events, documentaries, and other programs covering culture, business, entertainment, and politics.

Channel Data
Country: France
Language: English

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