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GB News is a UK-based television channel that aims to provide original news, opinion, and debate content with a mix of opinion-based content. Watch GB News is a right-leaning news and political channel based in London, United Kingdom.

GB News focuses programming on individual programs hosted by presenters and featuring panelist debates and interviews. GB News serves Britain, Northern Ireland, and the Republic of Ireland. GB News includes strong personalities hosting shows on a variety of topics, that have sometimes been labeled as controversial.

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Program Description
GB News Live Summary of headline UK news stories and commentary from pundits
On the Money Financial news and updates on the London Stock Exchange
Weather Meteorology and weather updates for the United Kingdom
GB Views Political commentary and opinions on a broad number of topics from current news events, economy or societal issues affecting the United Kingdom and world.

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GB News is a conservative news channel. It is the first of its kind in Great Britain. The channel was launched on September 3, 2018 by the British Conservative Party to provide “a fresh perspective” on politics and current affairs.

The channel broadcasts live from 7 AM to 11 PM BST, with pre-recorded programmes aired outside these hours. It was created by the British Broadcasting Corporation as an answer to balance the BBC’s left-leaning programming.

How to Watch GB News Online

Great Britain News, shortened to GBN, offers programs on a wide variety of topics aiming to provide a traditional and conservative perspective. Great Britain News aims to keep viewers connected with the world of politics, business, entertainment, and pop culture.

Great Britain News TV Channel stands out from other news channels due to its commitment to delivering accurate and balanced news coverage. The channel employs experienced journalists and reporters who adhere to strict journalistic standards, ensuring that the news presented is reliable and trustworthy.

Watch GB News Live FAQ

  • How do I access Great Britain News TV Channel online?
    Yes, Great Britain News TV Channel provides online streaming services, allowing viewers to access their key programs streamed live for free.
  • Does Great Britain News TV Channel cover international news as well?
    Yes, Great Britain News TV covers UK-specific news coverage, and international headline news. Their network of correspondents and partnerships with international news agencies ensures that viewers stay informed about global developments.
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Country: United Kingdom
Language: English

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