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Global News is a 24/7 streaming Canadian news channel based in British Columbia that broadcasts local and national news programming. Watch Global News live online.

Global News is a live 24/7 news channel offering regional news coverage across British Columbia, Ontario, and the rest of Canada. Unlike its parent channel, Global TV, Global News focuses solely on news stories with around-the-clock coverage of breaking headline news, municipal and provincial stories, and human interest pieces.

Currently owned by Corus Entertainment, Global News airs local Canadian coverage of emerging stories on geopolitics, current affairs, and international coverage of headline news and wars. Global News also features entertainment and pop culture programming, including highlights of celebrity news and fashion programming. Special programming on Global TV includes documentaries and coverage of Federal elections.

Watch Global News Live Shows

Program Description
The Morning Show Morning show featuring a mix of a talk show with guests and a summary of regional and international news headlines.
Global National National newscast for Canada’s Global TV network featuring breaking stories and live interviews.
The West Block TV series airing on Global News live discusses politics, foreign policy, and public affairs.
The New Reality Current affairs show featuring documentaries and interviews on the people and communities that make up Canada.
Global News Weekend A summary of the week’s news stories and discussions from across Canada.

How to Watch Global News Live Streaming

The Global News network can be watched easily and streamed for free through your browsers from anywhere in the world with FreeTube TV. The IPTV live streaming technology provided by Global News allows you to watch the Canadian news channel on your apple or android phone or tablet.

Global TV News Canada is a trusted and reliable source of news in Canada. They have reporters all over the country and around the world who bring you up-to-date information on important news events. They make sure to give you the facts without any personal or political bias, so you can trust what they say. They also have a team of journalists who dig deep into different topics to uncover hidden truths and expose corruption. Their stories are powerful and can make a difference.

Their ability to provide real-time updates on breaking news is what sets Global TV News Canada apart. Whether it’s something happening in Canada or something big happening overseas, they make sure you’re kept informed. They have reporters located across the country and even abroad to bring you the news as it happens.

Global TV News prides itself on the investigative journalism that it produces. Their team of skilled journalists thoroughly investigates issues. They shine a light on hidden truths, expose corruption, and make sure that individuals and organizations are held accountable for their actions. Through their relentless pursuit of the truth, Global TV News Canada delivers powerful stories that have the power to make a difference.

Global TV News Canada is a trusted news source that keeps you informed. They provide you with real-time updates, unbiased reporting, and in-depth, investigative journalism. Their dedication to delivering reliable information sets them apart and makes them the preferred choice for getting the news in Canada.

Global TV News FAQ

  • Can I access Global TV News online?
    Yes, Global TV can be streamed online through FreeTube with a user-friendly website and mobile app, allowing you to access news articles, videos, and live streams anytime, anywhere.
  • Does Global TV News cover international news?
    Yes, Global TV News Canada has extensive global coverage. Global TV News Canada brings you news and updates from around the world to keep you informed about global events and their impact on Canada through its network of international correspondents.
  • How does Global TV News ensure accuracy in its reporting?
    Global TV News Canada employs a rigorous fact-checking and verifying process to ensure the accuracy of its reporting. information from multiple sources and verify facts before they are presented to viewers. This commitment to accuracy is an integral part of the Global TV News Canada ethos.
Channel Data
Country: Canada
Language: English

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  1. I love watching global news live on free tube tv! It’s so informative and I always learn something new.

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