NewsMax is an American Conservative political news station that broadcasts live coverage of emerging stories and debates. Watch NewsMax live streaming.

NewsMax Media started as a political option website in 1998 and became a cable news channel in 2014, focused on providing Conservative perspectives on news and current affairs. The channel is aimed as a competitor to Fox News.

The NewsMax network focuses mostly on opinion-based talk shows and interview panelists with Conservative panelists. The channel houses programming hosted by various conservative media figures and focuses on an older Boomer-aged audience with a more right-leaning approach to Fox News Key hosts include Tom Basile, Wendy Bell, Alfred Bonati, Nancy Brinker, Eric Boiling, Mark Halperin, Sebastian Gorka, Mike Huckabee, Grant Stinchfield, John Tabacco, and Ethan Youker.

Newsmax provides a critical political perspective of global news stories and commentary with a deep Conservative worldview. Programming on Newsmax is fast-paced, slightly comedic, and intended to provide critical analysis and insights and an alternate viewpoint on key issues.

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Program Description
National Report A news and political show providing commentary on breaking news, in-depth political analysis, commentary on pop culture, and world markets.
Wake Up America Political program with a Conservative viewpoint on news and critical analysis of media.
John Bachman Now Political pundit John Bachman provides a summary of the biggest stories providing commentary and interviews with guest panelists providing insight.
American Agenda Live fast-paced insights and analysis show on emerging stories and media reports from New York and the world.
The Balance News commentary hosted by Eric Boiling, former Fox News host, featuring interviews and provocative questions on business, politics, social affairs, and more.
Spicer & Co. Sean Spicer and a team of experts discuss the top stories and headline news.
Stinchfield Grant Stinchfield hosts a political commentary show focused on discussing the hypocrisy of big media, politicians, and Hollywood celebrities.
Prime News Anchored news commentary shows exploring policy and political opinions on technology, big business, and progressivism.
America Right Now The week’s biggest stories are summarized with a focus on Hollywood, politics, viral videos, and current affairs.

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NewsMax TV is a 24/7 online TV network delivering colorful conservative commentary and analysis across a number of media platforms, including web, mobile, social, and even editorial. It was founded in 2005 by The Salem Media Group, a Christian-based company based in Florida.

To watch NewsMax live streaming, viewers need only access the internet tv channel from FreeTube. The NewsMax TV station aims to be a digital platform for those that “love America” and wish to access live streams of NewsMax’s television channels. It offers access to NewsMax TV, News Max Radio, and NewsMax Magazine content.

Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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