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Russia Today is a central state-owned Russian news station that broadcasts live news coverage of regional and global headline stories. Watch Russia Today live.

Russia Today was founded in 2005 as part of the government-owned non-profit news agency RIA Novosti (RIAN) to provide a Russian perspective on global news stories and current affairs. Based in Moscow, Russia, Russia Today aims to present breaking news coverage, documentaries, interviews, talk shows, and debates on crucial sociopolitical issues affecting Russia and the world.

Russia Today (RT) broadcasts to over 100 countries across the globe and is available through satellite, cable, and terrestrial TV, as well as FreeTube’s online streaming platform. RT’s reporting covers broader world issues and even in-depth of neighboring countries like North Korea, Syria, and China.

Russia Today is best known for its in-depth coverage of breaking news, including top stories, politics, business, and lifestyle.

Watch Russia Today Live Stream

Program Description
Cross-Talk As an effective program on Russia Today, Cross-talk focuses on trends and topics of interest to Russians and the international community, including challenges and addressing controversial policies affecting Europe, Russia, and the Americas.
Worlds Apart Detailed discussions and debates around key issues and dilemmas occurring worldwide, including emotional and engaging conversations on hot-button topics.
Russia Today Interviews Debates, panels, and interviews with Russia’s leading politicians, newsmakers, celebrities, thought leaders, and innovators.
Documentaries Premier documentaries and reality programming on life worldwide, including hard-hitting expose and details of life across European and Asian continents.
Evening News A nightly recap of the day’s biggest stories featured on Russia Today highlighting the most viewed and discussed breaking stories.

Watch Russia Today Live Streaming Free

To watch Russia TodayΒ live on your mobile phone or tablet, you can do so by visiting FreeuTbe and clicking on the live stream for Russia Today from the news section. Russia Today (also known as RT) offers a variety of devices and platforms that you can use to access their content, including iOS and Android apps, as well as Roku, Apple TV, Xbox One, and Samsung smart TVs.

Russia Today was created on December 10, 2005, to provide an alternative view of the critical news stories that shape our world. The channel is state-funded and is headquartered in Moscow. RT’s programming focuses on stories that go unreported by mainstream Western media outlets. Some news sources have accused the channel of having a pro-Russian bias.

The channel has become one of the world’s most popular and controversial news networks, reaching over 700 million people in more than 100 countries. RT is often accused of being a propaganda tool for the Russian government, but its supporters say it provides an alternative perspective on world events. RT’s impact can be seen in how it has changed how news is consumed and reported.

Watch Russia Today Live Streaming Free

Russia Today, often abbreviated to RT, is an international news network that provides an alternate perspective of global events from EurAsian perspective. Headquartered in Moscow, the Russia Today tv network provides extensive coverage of cultural political, and headline news.

Russia Today touts a diverse and widespread range of viewpoints featured in its news and political programming, often challenging the mainstream narrative. The channel, which is stated sponsored, purports to offer a balanced view of world events with a highlight of Russian perspectives, achievements and culture in a multi-layered way. However, the channel has come under controversy for potentially supporting state provided messaging and perspectives, and downplaying criticism levelled at the government and military complexes.

Recognizing the shift to digital platforms, Russia Today has invested in creating online content and engaging with social media. By embracing new technologies and platforms, Russia Today effectively reached younger audiences who consume news digitally.

Watch Russia Today FAQ

  • Is Russia Today a reliable news source?
    While the network offers an alternative perspective and critical analysis of western media, it is state funded and prone to biases that may affect the objectivity of reports. It is essential to approach any news source critically and seek multiple viewpoints to form an informed opinion.
  • How can I access Russia Today’s Channel?
    Russia Today is available live streaming through FreeTube in English and can be accessed on smart phones, personal computers, and any web-browser integrated device (roku, firestick, xbox).
  • Does Russia Today only cover Russian news?
    While Russia Today has a strong mandate to cover local and regional news stories, its scope of coverage extends beyond Russia’s borders and cover global news headlines from international stories to cultural and political events.


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