TRT World

TRT World is a live English news channel based in Istanbul, Turkey that broadcasts coverage on worldwide news stories. Watch TRT World live for free.

As a state-operated and funded channel, TRT World is focused on covering emerging news from Turkey, Europe, Africa, Southern, and Western Asia. Launched in 2015, TRT World news is focused on a variety of news programming, including highlighting documentaries on Turkish culture and life to investigative reports on current affairs.

Turkish Radio Television World (TRT World) aims to spark conversations and connections between people across the globe on issues that matter.

Watch TRT World live programming

Program Description
TRT Roundtable A topical debate and discussion between panelists and news stories.
Beyond Sports A daily look at sports matches and analysis of the game and strategy.
Money Talks A daily in-depth report and examination of finances by TRT World’s news editors.
The Newsmakers TRT World’s exclusive programming on news reports, interviews, and current affairs from around the world.
Showcase Focusing on arts and culture, including movie reviews, art appreciation, travel, and music.
Compass A documentary series filmed globally exploring issues of art, culture, travel, and lifestyle topics.
Straight Talk In-depth analysis of global affairs and providing context on how they influence and affect us at a personal level.

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