CPAC is a Canadian state-owned public affairs news channel broadcasting uninterrupted coverage of Canadian political news. Watch CPAC live.

The Cable Public Affairs Channels (CPAC) is devoted to covering the House of Commons of Canada, the government, and parliamentary proceedings of the national government. In addition to government proceedings and legislature, CPAC live also features programming on senate proceedings, cultural programming, and coverage of national events (e.g., Remembrance Day, Canada Day, and other notable announcements).

Based in the Canadian capital city of Ottawa, Ontario, CPAC is a live streaming TV channel that was launched in 1992, replacing the CBC Parliamentary Channel (CBC PTN). CPAC covers the Canadian Parliament, public affairs and parliament. There are no ads, and it is run as a not-for-profit financed in part by Canadian cable tv companies to serve as an independent voice on politics.

Watch CPAC Live Online

Program Description
Conversations Topical debates and spotlights on issues of relevance and interest to Canadians.
Headline Politics Long-form programming on the latest political issues and events emerging across Canada.
Supreme Court Hearings Live coverage of Canadian Supreme Court legal proceedings on issues and cases in front of the highest court in the nation.
Public Record Thematic discussions and panel debate featuring subject matter experts analyzing issues and how to create progress.
Outburst A live on the street interview with Canadians asking them for their opinion on key issues.


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