IGN TV is a live US entertainment channel dedicated to discussions on gaming, movies, tv shows and entertainment. Watch IGN TV live.

The IGN TV channel (Imagine Games Network) was established in 1996 as a network of fan-sites dedicated to video games and console gaming specifically. IGN was later purchased by UGO and Ziff-Davis in 2011. Originally started as a site that reviews, previews and offers guided walkthroughs of video games, IGN has expanded programming to include reviews of movies, recaps of popular tv shows and coverage of mainstream popular culture in society.

In 2015, IGN further expanded its content offerings by launching the IGN TV channel featuring a summary of its gaming and movie content, alongside exclusive programming specifically created for the online channel.

IGN programming includes everything from previews of upcoming games, reviews of new movies, video podcasts and assorted content on what you should watch/play and news from within the entertainment industry.

Watch IGN TV Channel Live

Program Description
CineFix In-depth exploration of movies, both new releases and classic films and interesting details about the making and production of key movies throughout history.
Should I Play This IGN hosts share the games they’re playing and review new video game releases in this regular show that chronicles the latest game releases across PC, console and mobile gaming.
The Weekly Fix Reports on entertainment and gaming news and what’s happening as hosted by IGN deejays and talk show hosts.
Inside Stories Short documentaries exploring the history, secrets and human interest stories behind the world’s biggest video game, tv and movie franchises,

How do I watch IGN TV Live?

IGN TV live streams the latest reviews and previews in gaming, movies and pop culture. The content is usually hosted by an online personality that injects humor, levity and a bit of personality into the reviews and discussions on gaming.

While IGN is known largely for its gaming reviews, they also provide interviews with celebrities on the latest box office movies and discuss new projects with TV and movie/comic developers. IGN TV is the hub for all of their entertainment, gaming and pop culture centric content, even offering tips and walkthroughs of newly released games.

How to watch IGN TV Channel Live?

To watch IGN TV live, there are several options. The most straightforward is to visit FreeTube and press play on the channel page. IGN TV is accessible from any device, including smart phones and any video game console or tablet, virtually any internet connected device.

Regardless of the chosen device, IGN TV can be watched both conveniently and with accessible options to tune in and immerse in the exciting world of gaming entertainment. Additionally, IGN owns a number of sites, including Humble Bundle, GameFAQs, Rotten Tomatoes, GameSpy (now defunct), GameStats, FilePlannet and AskMen.

Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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