The Florida Channel

The Florida Channel is a US regional channel focused on local news and public affairs servicing Florida state. Watch the Florida Channel live.

Launched in 1997, the Florida Channel is operated by WFSU-TV and covers government access, local politics, and community events. The channel provides key details about local politics and bullets for Florida residents. The Florida Channel features the sunshine states local news, restaurants, key events and political coverage.

Much of the programming covers government programming on local and national issues, including service alerts, board meetings, and documentaries about environmental, social, and political issues.

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Program Description
Capitol Update A nightly public policy and affairs show that recaps the Florida Legislature when in session that gives detailed reporting, interviews and segments on the state of governance in Florida.
Florida Crossroads Award-winning documentaries about life around Florida, from tourism to the people that shape the region. Crossroads also features programming that tackles social, political and governmental issues.
Press Conferences Interviews and press briefings from local leaders on issues that matter most to Florida-based residents.
Redistricting Watch Florida laws and government in action, with live webcam feeds of meetings and government operations.


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