NASA TV is a live US-based streaming educational channel that broadcasts assorted space programs. Watch NASA TV live.

Launched in 2005 as a 24-hour digital station, NASA TV broadcasts live footage of space launches educational content on the science behind space and astronomy. NASA is a US-based and state-funded channel devoted to the pursuit of space travel, discovery, and a better understanding of the astrophysics of our universe.

NASA TV is the educational wing providing the general public with pre-recorded and scheduled programming and documentaries on NASA operations, space news, history of space travel, and shows for kids to learn about space.Β The space network also includes broadcasts from the International Space Station (ISS), spacewalks, interviews with astronauts, and rocket launches worldwide.

The award-winning National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) TV has won Emmy Awards, Philio T. Farnsworth Award for engineering, and recognition for the Apollo 11 first broadcast from the moon’s surface.

Watch NASA TV Live Online

Program Description
SpaceCast Weekly Weekly interviews and coverage of astronauts and the latest updates from NASA on launches and space missions.
ISS Expedition Scheduled programming airing live from the International Space Station covering in-flight coverage and discussions with astronauts.
NASA Science Live Live Q&A with astrophysicists and discussion on various science themes and topics in the news.
NASA Edge An unscripted show about the latest updates from NASA explained, without needing to be a rocket scientist.
NASA Explorers Educational program explaining physics, astrophysics, and the science behind space missions. The show walks through various lessons on space, planets, galaxies, and space elements.
Station Life Regular show on life as an astronaut aboard the International Space Station and answers to common questions on how they must adapt to living in space and without gravity.

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