Watch the History Channel Live Online without Cable

You can watch the History channel for free without a cable tv subscription and enjoy hours of educational programming for a limited time. Enjoy classic shows about historic moments from the comfort of your browser or phone.

The History Channel

The History Channel is an English educational channel with explanations of historic events, biographies, and key figures. Watch the History Channel live online.

The History Channel is a flagship educational channel founded by A&E in New York City, New York, USA, that launched in 1995.

Originally the History Channel’s programming was focused largely on World War II and became synonymous with military documentaries, which would lead to the spin-off of the Military History Channel. As the History Channel expanded, it started to include more international content and topics covering travel, ethnographic documentaries, and more recently reality tv shows on unique or outlandish professions.

Television programming on the History channel covers a wide span of historical topics and periods, including military warfare, organized crime, doomsday situations, serial criminals, technological innovations and inventions, science, nature, aliens, religious beliefs, alternate history, secret societies, survival scenarios, dinosaurs and architecture, and engineering.

The History Channel online stream includes assorted programming from the network’s vast archive of documentaries and English programming content, which may not follow the same schedule as the History tv live network channel, which has regional schedules that differ by location.

Watch the History Channel Live Online including

Program Description
Engineering an Empire Documenting the technological feats of ancient engineers across the world, as they supported the rise (and sometimes fall) of empires that make up our history.
Swamp People Profiling the swamps of Southern Louisiana, which dates back to the 17th century, and the people that live and thrive in one of the most unforgiving areas of North America.
Ancient Aliens Part science fiction and mythology of historic events that may hint at the possibility of extraterrestrial life.
World War 1 and 2 documentaries Re-telling of key moments in the great war battles of World War 1 and 2 across the world.
Innovations and Inventions Reviewing the tools, inventions and technology that comprise ancient and modern times.
Forged in Fire Reality series on knife and weapon makers that compete in a series of difficult challenges that pit their skills against historic obstacles.
History’s Greatest Mysteries Investigating historical mysteries across time from Roswell to the assassination of Lincoln to the titanic to death of famous figures.

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