How to Watch Animal Planet for Free

Animal Planet can be streamed live for free without cable anywhere through online iptv channel streaming. Animal Planet TV features around the clock programming on wildlife, animal facts and documenting the amazing lives of different species of animals around the world.

Animal Planet

Animal Planet is an English educational documentary channel dedicated to animals, wildlife, and nature. Watch Animal Planet for free.

The Animal Planet channel was created in partnership with BBC Studios and Discovery Channel in 1996 and is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, USA. The partnership ensures that various animal documentaries and nature series across the networks are able to be broadcast for viewers. The aim of Animal Planet is to provide animal lovers, children, and families with educational content that helps inspire an appreciation of the lives of animals across the planet. Animal Planet has gone through an evolution and includes programming for mature audiences, which may include aggressive predatory animals and reality programming on the personalities related to animal-related professions.

Animal Planet features documentaries on the lives and unique characteristics of animal species. It also covers the natural fauna and environment that many wildlife species thrive and adapt to survive. Other content includes features on forest animals, wildlife in jungles, desert critters, and even aquatic life living deep in the ocean. Animal Planet streams full-length narrated nature documentaries in English and reality show episodes on human interactions with wildlife.

Watch Animal Planet for Free Online

Program Description
Nature documentaries Chronicling the lives and struggles of wildlife and creatures great and small across Earth and the various ecological biomes that exist across the planet.
Dinosaur Planet Nature docuseries exploring the world of dinosaurs using computer-generated imagery to depict their life on prehistoric Earth.
The Jeff Corwin Experience Wildlife show hosted by conservationist Jeff Corwin, as he explores the world documenting human interactions with animals and advocating for coexistence with wildlife, especially in remote jungles where rural villages can encroach on essential animal habitats.
The Future is Wild (FiW) A miniseries exploring what the evolution of life could be on planet earth, as a result of natural and human-led phenomena.
Wild Russia A series about the vast wilderness of Russia and the flora and fauna that live in this cold and misunderstood region. Includes an exploration of Kamchatka, Primorye, Siberia, Caucasus, Arctic, and Urals.
Nature’s Most Amazing Events This incredible series looks at the marvels of nature as caught on film and incredibly rare events occurring in nature and the explanation of how and why they happen.
Meerkat Manor Follow the real-life exploits and life of a young Meerkat family deep in the Kalahari Desert, known as the Whiskers, as this educational documentary provides a narrative on the ecological and evolutionary behaviour of meerkats in the wild.

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