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National Geographic

National Geographic is a US-based streaming education TV channel that features documentaries and programming on nature, science, and culture. Watch National Geographic live streaming.

National Geographic (NatGeo) was founded in Manhattan, New York City, USA, and launched in 2001. The NatGeo channel features non-fiction and real accounts of life on planet Earth, including historic and reality-based programming. Popular programs center around animals, space exploration, and anthropological studies on human civilizations.

National Geographic has assorted educational and entertainment programming that includes reality tv shows, documentaries, and non-fiction movies on life on earth. It also includes programming for children through National Geographic Kids and National Geographic Little Kids. Originally started as National Geographic magazine, a monthly digest of stories exploring the world and nature, the travel magazine has since explored other mediums including television, film, and even video games.

National Geographic includes a variety of shows including Abandoned, Lawless Oceans, Life below zero, Life after dinosaurs, Let it ride, American Colony, Alaska State Troopers, Banged up Abroad, Beast Hunter, Origins: the journey of humankind, One strange rock, Race to the center of the earth, Remove Survival, Beast Hunter, Borderforce USA, Cesar 911, Southern Justice, Street Genius, Science of Stupid, Remote Survival, Dino Autopsy, Cosmos: a spacetime odyssey, the story of God with Morgan Freeman, Startalk, Seconds from disaster, Rocket city rednecks, Duck quacks don’t echo, Eat the story of food, Ultimate survival Alaska, Wicked tuna, Yukon river run, Kentucky justice, inside the American mob, wild Russia and more.

National Geographic’s live online stream provides educational documentaries and featurettes on explorations of countries, human civilizations, historic moments throughout humanity, space and wildlife explorations, and nature films on wildlife.

Watch National Geographic Live Streaming

Program Description
NatGeo specials In-depth features on a variety of topics from space, science, wildlife, cultural phenomenons, ethnocultural groups, historic events, and locations.
Nature documentaries Films about life on planet earth from forests, tundras, deserts, mountains, and the wildlife that lives in these sometimes harsh or unforgiving ecological areas of the world.
NatGEO Wild Programs exploring wildlife and animals and fauna that live in the wilderness.
Ancient History Spotlight on historic events and civilizations exploring famous rulers and better understanding the times they lived in.
Docuseries Exploring educational topics and themes from geological phenomenon to space anomalies to the life of animal species and beyond.
Reality programs Educational shows documenting the reality of situations, professions and exploring the day-to-day lives of people living with certain conditions, professions, or under stressful situations.
Ethnographic films An investigation of people living in different regions of the world and their unique cultural beliefs and practices.

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