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Brat TV is a live US entertainment channel focused on drama shows targeting youth and young adults. Watch Brat TV live.

Brat TV is based in Los Angeles, United State and was launched in 2017 as scripted drama series targeted to teenagers focused with social media influencers chosen as actors in the networks shows. The Brat name was inspired largely by the 80s Brat Pack coming of age teen movies.

The Brat TV network is best known for its Chicken Girls series, which features stars from the Nickelodeon and Disney channels. Other popular programming on the Brat TV network includes a teen talk show and other assorted youth programming targeted largely to Gen Z and younger millennial audiences.

The channel attempts to better portray the real struggles and challenges of young adult life in the social media connected lifestyle of the modern age. TV programming on the network includes Charmers, A girl named Jo, Scarlett’s Lab, Mani, Brobot, Two Christmases, Dirt, Zoe Valentine, Boss Cheer, On the Ropes, Good Luck Have Fun, Baby Doll Records, Stage Fright, Chicken Girls, Total Eclipse and Red Ruby.

Watch Brat TV Live Shows

Program Description
Chicken Girls Chicken Girls is a web series that you can watch on YouTube. It’s about a group of friends who call themselves “The Chicken Girls” and they’ve been dancing together for like, forever. The show is all about them dealing with the ups and downs of school, crushes, and growing up.
Crown Lake Crown Lake is an anthology series set in the mid 1990s and follows the story of Eleanor Nellie Chambers as she navigates life as a new student at a highly elite and exclusive boarding school. The show features drama and mystery.
Attaway General A show about four teenagers who volunteer at a highly-coveted Hospital and documents their interactions helping patients in this drama series.
Past Your Bedtime Talkshow A talk show for teens in the age of social media, featuring rising stars from Tiktok and other social media channels and addressing the concerns of Gen Z teens and youth.

Watch Brat TV Live Shows

One of the highlights of Brat TV Live is its original series. These shows feature talented young actors who bring characters to life with their captivating performances. The stories unfold in relatable settings, showcasing the ups and downs of teenage life. You’ll find yourself emotionally invested in the lives of the characters as they navigate friendships, relationships, school, and the challenges that come their way.

What is Brat TV?

Brat TV is a digital production company that creates original scripted television and movie content specifically aimed to the lifestyle and tastes of Gen Z and youth audiences. Originally launched as a Youtube channel in in 2017, Brat TV has built a large following with programming geared towards the current challenges of youth, covering topics such as defining your identity, social media bullying, challenges of technology.

Brat TV is a lifestyle channel focused on diverse narratives with richly developed characters that provide a contemporary view that reflects the attitudes and experiences of teenagers and young adults growing up in the 21st century.

How to Watch Brat TV Channel Live

Although the channel started as an episodic Youtube channel and playlist, Brat TV is now available streaming live nonstop with assorted content and programming from the channel’s history. Brat TV can be watched in your web browser or on any device, such as desktop laptop or android/ios smart phone and media entertainment systems like video game consoles and roku/firesticks.

Simple visit FreeTube and navigate to the Brat TV channel to begin watching it on your device of preference.

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Language: English

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