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Fail Army TV is a live entertainment channel focused on non-stop viral videos of people failing at pranks, tricks and life in general. Watch Fail Army TV.

Founded by Jukin Media in 2011, Fail Army started as a website highlighting funny bloopers and compilation videos of physical comedy, staged pranks, astonishing feats of pets and other assorted embarrassing moments in human history.

Fail Army TV is inspired by comedy video shows like America’s funniest home videos, and started by Jukin Media creators Jonathan Skogmo, Aldo Carrascoso and Josh Entman while researching and producing a short-lasting TV show called Country Fried home videos.

Fail Army relies on user-submitted and licensed videos of embarrassing moments and bloopers, which are then syndicated across the content network’s TV channel, Youtube profile and other multimedia channels. The channel is a companion to People Are Awesome TV that documents the more upbeat and positive moments of humanity.

Fail Army TV is a non-stop TV channel that provides a lighter comedic relief from the daily stress and tribulations of life. It includes highlights of the greatest falls, pranks gone wrong and collects and shares videos of people failing at different things in life.

Watch Fail Army TV Live

Program Description
Best Fails of the Week A highlight of the newest and most popular fails based on popularity and virality.
People vs. Nature Documenting humans competing against nature and losing. These compilations involve everything from nature’s revenge, weather catastrophes and wildlife encounters gone hilariously wrong.
Extreme Sports Fails A show dedicated to people playing sports and epically failing, from accidents to embarrassing or poor athletics sportsmanship.
Instant Regret Viral video clips exposing the feeling people get right after they do something they realize they shouldn’t have done. From accidentally using technology wrong to knee jerk reactions.

What is Fail Army TV?

Imagine you’re trying to do a cool skateboard trick, but you fall off your board and land on your butt. That’s a fail! Or maybe you’re trying to do a backflip into a pool, but you don’t quite make it all the way around and end up belly flopping into the water. That’s another fail!

Fail Army TV documents life’s greatest and wildest failures, as submitted by viewers. Enjoy live streaming compilations of the funniest moments in human history with Fail Army TV’s live stream.

Fail Army finds these types of videos from all over the internet and puts them together into funny compilations. They have videos of people failing at sports, stunts, pranks, and all sorts of other things. It’s all about having a good laugh at the silly mistakes we all make sometimes.

Can I watch Fail Army TV on my mobile?

Yes, you can easily watch Fail Army TV live on any internet connected device by accessing FreeTube through your device’s native web browser, and simply hit play to start watching.

You can watch Fail Army TV on your smart tv, desktop, mobile device, video game console or tablet device. Numerous FreeTube users have even watched it live on other IOT devices, including smart screens, roku devices, portable video game devices, DNLA media centers, Chromecast/Firesticks and even larger smart watches.

Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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