Bounce XL TV

Bounce TV is a US-based tv network focused on highlighting programming for African Americans. Watch Bounce TV Live.

Launched in September 2011, Bounce XL TV (Bounce TV) was created as a digital broadcast station originating from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The channel was created through a partnership between Martin Luther King the 3rd, United Nations, Turner Broadcasting and Tyler Perry.

Bounce TV broadcasts a mix of original content and syndicated tv shows like A Different World, The Hughleys, A Different World, The Bernie Mac Show and more. Bounce also broadcasts coverage of college football and basketball sports.

Watch Bounce TV Live Online

Program Description
Saints and Sinners Saints & Sinners is an exciting drama set in a small Georgia town, focusing on a church where secrets, power struggles, and scandals abound. The show explores the lives of its characters as they deal with faith, betrayal, and ambition.
The Bernie Mac Show The Bernie Mac Show is a humorous and heartwarming sitcom about a comedian, who takes in his sister’s three kids and tries to juggle a comedy career while the challenges of raising kids and maintaining a family life.
Everybody Hates Chris A funny and touching sitcom based on Chris Rock’s real childhood experiences. Set in 1980s Brooklyn, New York, that follows young Chris as he faces growing up and dealing with school life, family and childhood.
Personal Injury Court Personal Injury Court is a special reality programming that you can exclusively watch bounce tv where courtroom Judge Gino Brogdon presides over real-life personal injury cases.  Often featuring dramatic testimonies, expert interviews.

How to Watch Bounce TV Live Streaming

Bounce TV can be watched online on FreeTube through three simple steps:

  1. Visit Bounce XL tv channel page on FreeTube
  2. Click the play button in your browser, ensuring you have the latest updates and drivers and an adequate internet connection
  3. Enjoy watching bounce tv live from your browser

History of Bounce XL TV

Bounce TV is a prominent American broadcast television network primarily targeting African-American audiences with a diverse range of programming. Launched in 2011, it offers a mix of original series, movies, and reruns of classic TV shows. The network features genres such as drama, comedy, and family entertainment, alongside syndicated series and live sports events. Bounce TV has established itself as a significant platform for black culture and storytelling, providing content that reflects the experiences and interests of its viewers. It is accessible over the air and through various cable and streaming services, making it widely available across the United States.

You can see the Bounce XL schedule to learn more about further programming.

Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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