How to Watch the Documentary Channel Live for Free

You can watch the Documentary channel live streaming internationally acclaimed award-winning documentaries streamed for free and legally. The Documentary channel includes reality films from around the world, including affiliates BBC, DW, ABC7 and more. Experience the world in full documentaries from nature, animals, human life, society, history, anthropology and more. .

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The Documentary Channel

The Documentary Channel is a Canadian entertainment channel dedicated to airing full documentaries on nature and society. Watch the Documentary Channel online.

The Documentary Channel was first founded in November 2000 by the Canadian Radio Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) by Corus Entertainment’s YTV subsidiary. Although the channel was majoritively owned by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Originally intended to provide kid and family programming, the channel expanded to a focus on covering the wide diaspora of reality programming, including highlights of internationally acclaimed documentaries from affiliate channels like DW, BBC and other documentary creators.

Watch the Documentary Channel streaming with content highlighting nature, wildlife and animals and highlights of remote areas of the world documented in video for the first time. Other documentaries feature on human civilization featuring different cultures, civilizations throughout history, historical figures and the rise of technology. The Documentary Channel aims to capture a slice of reality and tell the stories of nearly 8 billion people on this planet and the wildlife that surrounds them.

The Documentary Channel showcases highly thought-provoking series and full feature length films that aim to educate and inform viewers on the reality of world and historic events. They feature programming from National Geographic, Discovery Channel, History Channel, BBC Earth, and various streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video that cater to featured documentaries.

Watch The Documentary Channel for Free Online

Program Description
Nature documentaries Exploring the natural world and animal life throughout the planet and the way they adapt to their ecosystem and environmental issues.
History documentaries Exploring historic moments in time and the rise and fall of civilizations and cultural practices and pitfalls.
Observational documentaries Series and feature films that capture a moment in time as it unfolds, recorded in real-time.
Biographic documentaries Documenting the life and times of famous figures throughout history and the rise and fall of these figures and their impact on the modern world.
Political/social issues Uncover films that raise awareness of global and regional sociopolitical issues that seek to inspire change or foster a conversation on emerging issues.
True crimes Investigations on real crimes and the events that took place, evidence and overall judicial court process surrounding these crimes.
Educational documentaries Films that teach a skillset or provide lessons of value on life, relationships and personal development.

How to Watch the Documentary Channel without Cable TV

It’s simple to watch the Documentary Channel without a cable subscription – in just a few clicks you can watch the best documentaries of all time in your browser or from the comfort of your couch. Load up the FreeTube website and access the Documentary Channel to conveniently start streaming live stream of documentary films.

We are pleased to offer various documentaries airing hourly and around the clock to watch and learn on a number of comprehensive topics and themes of interest.

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