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A&E is a US cable station that creates programming on reality, true crime, and documentaries. Watch A&E live TV online without cable.

The Arts & Entertainment channel was originally launched in 1984 and focused on educational programming, informative entertainment, and fine arts. However, the channel soon transitioned in the mid-90s to focus on the growing interest in shows on organized crime, investigative reports of murders, and assorted reality show programming.

A&E Network has expanded to include biographies on celebrities, docudrama of major events and historical milestones, and pseudoscientific reports on aliens and other assorted conspiracies. The network’s creation of Duck Dynasty, Storage Wars, and Bates Motel has been celebrated as a resurgence in reality tv show programming.

A&E shows include Storage Wars, Cold Case Files, City Confidential, The American Justice, Court Cam, Panic 911, and syndicated fiction like Criminal Minds, CSI: New York, NCIS: Los Angeles, and the King of Queens.

Watch A&E’s live stream online without cable for biographies and true crime documentaries on history’s biggest serial killers and twisted criminal geniuses. Other content includes reality shows like Dog the Bounty Hunter, WWE legends documentaries, hunting the most wanted treasures, interventions for hoarders, and biographies on famous figures after dark.

Watch A&E Live Stream Online

Program Description
Cold Case Files A true crime shows that claims to solve mysteries and has shown some success in the past, but recently it has been relying on gimmicks to solve crimes. The channel’s star, Bill Kurtis, is getting tired of the show’s constant reliance on gimmicks.
Hoarders Hoarders are a reality docudrama exploring people with mental health issues that cause them to acquire and store junk in their homes, often to the point of detriment to their health and life. A bunch of people that live in alleyways and buildings. They don’t like waking up to the sun, and they always keep their buildings dark.
Shipping Wars Shipping wars is a group of pirates sailing the seas to plunder treasure from ships. The pirates have a base on an island where they keep their treasure. They think that the island is theirs, and everyone is only allowed to visit as long as they have permission from the captain.
Sell This House Sell this house show is a reality program featuring four hosts who attempt to help people sell their houses and others find their dream.
WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures WWE’s Most Wanted Treasures is a miniseries on the divas that World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) foundation and documents the victory wanted by most, and the extent of things they will do to get it.
Deep Fried Dynasty A reality show about big personalities at the many Food fairs in Texas. Contestants on this show compete to showcase their golden fried delicacies from fried butter to toffee coffee to crazy corn and super deep fried s’mores.
Duck Dynasty The Duck Dynasty reality show is based in Louisiana, USA, and is largely focused on the lives of a family who run a duck hunting enterprise. They are known for their strong statements and a very relaxed lifestyle.

Watch A&E Live Stream Online

Arts & Entertainment Television, commonly abbreviated to A&E TV, offers a complex range of dramatic programming centered biographies, crime investigations and reality tv. From acclaimed reality programming like Intervention to biographical shows like Wahlburgers and Live PD, A&E offers shows for a variety of audiences.

Other assorted A&E programming includes TV shows on police investigations, analysis of famous criminals, explorations of ancient civilizations and detailed anthologies on the lives of celebrities and major events throughout human history.

The History of A&E TV Channel

A&E TV channel was established in 1984 as a fine arts programming channel, focused on dance, theater, opera and high culture. The channel quickly gained recognition for its commitment to showcasing ballet, classical music and stage theater productions. It became a haven for art enthusiasts seeking high-quality programming that celebrated artistic expression.

However, as the channel grew in popularity, A&E broadened the scope of its programming to appeal to a wider audience. This programming expansion led to the addition of more reality and crime driven entertainment content, such as documentaries and crime procedural shows. This was heavily criticized as a dilution of the channels content offerings, but it proved popular in pulling a wider demographic of viewers.

Since then, A&E has expanded its line up to include more reality and biographical programming catering to broader mass global audiences, and has lessened the amount of fine art programming aired on the channel in light of declining interest. Shows like “Biography” and “The First 48” became synonymous with A&E’s brand and helped it solidify a position as a major US channel centered on entertainment and reality lifestyle programming.

FAQ about A&E TV

  • What does A&E TV channel stand for?
    A&E TV is an abbreviation of Arts and Entertainment Television, representing the channels origins as a fine art and cultural network.
  • Where can I find A&E TV channel?
    You can watch A&E TV streamed free on FreeTube, which you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch and on any device.
  • What are some popular shows on A&E TV channel?
    Shows that air on A&E TV include Duck Dynasty, Intervention, Live PD, Wahlburgers, The First 48, 60 Days In, Storage Wars, Ghost Hunters, Beyond Scared Straight, Cold Case Files, Nightwatch, The Toe Bro, Court Cam, Kids Behind Bars: Life or Parole, Accused: Guilty or Innocent?, The Murder of Laci Peterson, The Devil Next Door, Court Cam Presents Under Oath and Marcia Clark Investigates the First 48. Additionally, A&E produces special documentaries like Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath, which aired on A&E first initially.
  • Can I stream A&E TV channel online?
    Yes, you can watch A&E TV live streamed online right here on FreeTube by using a web browser on any internet connected device, from smart phones to desktop, laptops or even consoles provided they can access the internet and play video. FreeTube also supports firesticks and roku devices that have web connectivity.
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