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Bloomberg Originals is a live US entertainment channel that broadcasts original documentaries on business, culture and technology. Watch Bloomberg Originals live.

Originally founded in 1981 as a financial data terminal company, the company has since pivoted to start the Bloomberg TV channel in 1994 and has since spun off Bloomberg Originals, a dedicated channel broadcasting the stations documentaries.

Bloomberg Originals, formerly Quicktakes, features thematic films and reality based programming exploring in-depth investigations on trending issues in the world of business, technology, social issues and culture.

Bloomberg Originals includes documentaries hosted by celebrities and includes interviews and compelling content on issues trending on social media and zeitgeist. It includes expert discussions featuring unique viewpoints and cinematic narratives to keep audiences engaged and entertained.

Watch Bloomberg Originals Live

Program Description
Storylines Exclusive documentaries that expand the networks journalism, including a summary of the biggest stories and explanations on why it matters.
The Breakdown Deep dive into the critical moments of businesses and organizations, documenting the rise and sometimes fall of major companies and organizations in the public light.
Hello World Beyond An investigation of the tech world and its underbelly from the big tech players to the startups disrupting life as we know it.
Bloomberg Investigates Investigative journalism at its finest with Bloomberg journalists conducting powerful analysis into the people, companies and social issues affecting the world.

About Bloomberg Originals

Bloomberg Originals feature exclusive documentaries and films created by the media powerhouse focusing on themes of culture, politics, technology and business. The documentaries are created by Bloomberg’s arsenal of 2,700 journalists in over 120 countries around the world.

Bloomberg Originals focuses on the story behind the headlines and attempts to dive into the human interest stories and visual explanations of key concepts integral to understanding the context of major world events and social trends. Featuring expert commentary, Bloomberg quicktakes are crafted to keep viewers captivated with compelling narratives, visuals and music to create an experience.

Bloomberg Originals also features original series created specifically for the channel, airing during prime time (8-9pm ET) .

Watch Bloomberg Originals FAQ

  • What makes Bloomberg Originals unique?
    Bloomberg Originals TV is streamed live, so that you can enjoy high-quality documentaries on socio-political issues and keep informed. Through a mix of high-quality investigative journalism, narrative storytelling and compelling visuals, Bloomberg Originals makes it easy to stay entertained while learning about key concepts important to understanding what’s happening in society and the greater tech-business world. 
  • Can I watch Bloomberg Originals live outside of the US?
    Yes, Bloomberg Originals is available worldwide and can be streamed easily on any device – mobile, desktop or streaming device of your choice.
  • Are there any subscription fees to watch Bloomberg Originals?
    No, Bloomberg Originals is available for free and you can watch Bloomberg Originals live without a cable subscription or Bloomberg news membership. Although, additional exclusive content is available with a Bloomberg membership.
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