Buzzr is an American channel dedicated to airing a variety of game shows with both classic and modern games. Watch Buzzr TV channel live on-demand.

Launched in January 2015 by Fremantle, Buzzr Channel is entirely focused on competitive game shows from the past and more modern trivia or tournament matches. Buzzr’s lineup of shows includes trivia shows, physical endurance gameshows, classic clips from the golden age of quiz shows, and episodes starring internet celebrities and contestants. Buzzr’s extensive library of tv game shows allows for classics like Family Feud, Password, the Newlywed Show, Supermarket Sweep, and Price is Right to be aired across its multicast network.

You can watch Buzzr TV on Freetube without a cable subscription to enjoy shows like Family Feud, Deal or No Deal, Supermarket Sweep, The Newlyweds, Jeopardy, and Price is Right, to name a few great classic game shows.

How to Watch Buzzr TV Channel Live Online

Program Description
Family Feud To win money and prizes, two families contest to name the most popular responses to survey questions. By identifying the most common answers to a question, two competing families, each represented by five contestants, attempt to outwit and outplay each other with answers. Watch episodes with Buzzr on-demand.
Supermarket Sweep In Supermarket Sweep, contestants answer trivia quiz questions related to products as they race through a mock supermarket identifying products, with the winner selected based on the highest points.
The Price is Right Consumers are tested to identify the price of several consumer goods, competing to see if they can identify the real market price of products, services, and consumer packaged goods.
Wheel of Fortune Players take turns spinning a wheel to rack up points and money as they guess letters and attempt to solve the mystery phrase or term. As one of the longest-running game shows on syndication for decades, Wheel of Fortune has grown into a game show juggernaut.
Match Game The show features players attempting to solve mix-and-match answers from celebrity guests with fill-in-the-blank or mad lib-styled questions.
Password Hosted by Bob Stewart, Password focuses on contestants attempting to give clues to other plays on the mystery word or phrase to get someone to identify it before the countdown runs out.

How do I Get Buzzr on My TV?

If you’re looking to watch Buzzr gameshow on-demand or live streaming online, simply load up FreeTube to watch the Buzzr channel on your computer/apple tv, phone or on demand. The Buzzr game show network hosts a variety of syndicated game shows and reality programming free to watch.

You no longer need an antenna or cable to access the Buzzr Gameshow channel, and can be watched virtually anywhere with an internet connection. You only need a web browser and a relatively stable internet connection to start watching your favorite competitive gaming and tournament puzzles.

How to Stream and Watch Buzzr TV Channel Live Online

Buzzr TV broadcasts through a select number of cable TV operators in the United States, and has limited playback in certain regions. FreeTube lets you stream the latest and best game shows from Buzzr regardless of your location and subscription to any particulate cable or satellite operator.

Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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  1. Groovy the 70s game shows had way more personality than today’s gameshows. Set designs and wit of the hosts were prtetty good. Today it all feels scripted.

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