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Entertainment Tonight

Entertainment Tonight is a live English entertainment channel focused on stories from across the entertainment industry. Watch Entertainment Tonight live.

The Entertainment Tonight (ET) show first aired on CBS in 1981 and has continued to adapt as the demand for celebrity news grew. The ET show is now live-streamed as of 2018 and includes expanded coverage of celebrity and entertainment industry news, interviews, and the latest updates on movies and tv shows.

As the longest-running syndicated show, Entertainment Tonight (ET Live) has become an important news outlet for the unveiling of new movies, television shows and updates on upcoming celebrities. The ET Live channel also covers the latest celebrity sightings documenting key news on the daily lives of celebrities and public figures.

Entertainment is a Hollywood mainstay capturing the latest stories in and around Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA. The show chronicles celebrity relationships, dating gossip, rumours about upcoming films, and news about soaps, radio, television music, and film.

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Program Description
Celebrity Interviews One-on-one interviews with movie stars, musicians, athletes, radio personalities, social media influencers, tv stars, and other famous figures.
Dating Gossip Find out what new entertainment personalities are dating and which ones separated or are expecting children. ET Live features the latest gossip on the dating and family relationships of celebrities.
Upcoming movies and tv shows Learn about new movies and television shows that are being produced, as well as updates in new seasons of tv and streamed shows airing on popular streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO Max, Peacock and more.
Entertainment news programme Exclusive coverage of movie, celebrity sightings and entertainment news direct from Hollywood and the film studios


Channel Data
Country: Canada United States
Language: English

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