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Just for Laughs TV

Just for Laughs TV is a Canadian comedy channel dedicated to airing hilarious pranks and gags performed on the public. Watch Just for Laughs gags streaming.

Founded in 1983, originally part of a mini-comedy event,Β Just for Laughs (or Juste pour rire in it’s original French form) is based out of Montreal, Quebec, Canada. The popularity of the comedy festival led to the development of original comedy programming, resulting in over two decades of real-life prank videos performed locally and worldwide.

Just for Laughs TV is a Canadian-based comedy channel that broadcasts non-stop prank segments designed to highlight real reactions to simulated events, stunts and tricks. Considered the original candid camera reality show, Just for laughs has gone on to attract a large audience and its prank comedy setup has been emulated and celebrated as the genesis for youtube and viral prank videos that have become a staple of pop internet culture.

Streaming Just for Laugh Pranks

Just for Laughs TV features a mix of hilarious pranks that often simulate a fake event, putting the public and pedestrians at the center of weird or outlandish situations to gauge their reaction before revealing the joke and set up.

Improv artists are hired locally to cast and conduct the pranks, while a camera crew stays nearby hidden in plain sight to capture the reactions of willing participants.Β  Witness talented improvisers create uproarious scenes and engage in hilarious scenarios with passersby, providing non-stop laughter and surprises.

Watch Just for Laughs Gags Streaming Live

Just for Laughs TV embraces the element of surprise with its collection of side-splitting pranks and hidden camera shows. Brace yourself for outrageous and hilarious scenarios as unsuspecting victims are caught in comedic situations.

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